Today my wife Angie is flying south.

Around 700 miles south of America.

For the next 8 days, Angie will be in Haiti.

A mission team from our church will join up with a group from a church in Georgia to spend their own money and vacation time with Haitian children.

 They will work alongside of a great organization: New Missions. It is a phenomenal group who has worked on the island of Hispaniola for decades. Primarily, they help in the education of children and planting churches throughout Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

 Over 8 million people live in Haiti.

It is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

It imports over 70% of its food.

Most people eat one meal per day.

47% of adults in Haiti are illiterate.

In 1804, the West African slaves revolted against the French, dedicated their country to Satan and became the first Black Republic.

Vodoo is the primary religion of the Haitian people.

 It is a dark place. But organizations like New Missions are bringing light. They open schools, provide medical care, and plant churches.

 Andrew, Chris, and I will be praying diligently for during this time away. We know that many of our friends are doing the same. I hope you will join us.