Jennifer Knapp is a rare gift. A young woman with a wise soul. Plus the music writing and singing ability to put it on display. Her music is hard to define: rock/folk/poetry/just plain great.

During the 1990s and early part of this decade, she sold over one million albums. She won awards in the Christian music community and accolades throughout the music industry. The Los Angeles Times called her “a rising star.” People Magazine described her as “an uncommonly literate songwriter.” Billboard proclaimed that “Knapp proves herself to be the cream that rises to the top.” Pretty high praise from people who are accustomed to seeing talent come and go with barely a ripple in the pond of the music world.

But then, in 2004, she left. I don’t know exactly why she was no longer producing the music many came to love. But now she is back.

Knapp site

According to the letter on her site, she has traveled, seems to have decompressed from the sudden rise of popularity and sounds ready to begin producing music again.

Head over to her MySpace page and you can listen to her new release “Letting Go.”  I hope it is but the first of many more to come.