Currently, I am closing in on the conclusion of a busy season of travel. Over the last month, I’ve been in Texas twice, preached in Tennessee twice, spoken for a missional retreat (is that an oxymoron?) in Pennsylvania for a church from Baltimore, and spoke to pastors in Louisiana about Soul Shaping. My final trip of the year is to San Diego to introduce Dennis Pethers to friends during the National Outreach Convention. Traveling can be tiring but seeing life change never gets old for me.

There is rarely a chance to speak that I will ever turn down. But whenever I have time, you will find me scribbling notes, assembling outlines, and tapping out words for another book, another article, another communique to hopefully help people. My first book – Compelled by Love – was highlighted as a significant addition to the missional conversation by Leadership Network and you can take a look at the diagram here or over at Stetzer’s blog.

Along the way, I’ve had several friends (both new and old) ask what I’m currently working on in my personal writing. So here’s the list – I’d be happy to hear your reactions.

A book on missional spirituality – my hope is that this book will be the modern, evangelical, missional work on spiritual disciplines. Much is made about spiritual disciplines in classic literature and a few books stand out in our modern era. But I believe we need a new work that has the proper goal. My aim is not to drive people deeper into their prayer closets (though that is good in and of itself) but drive them to great activity with God on His mission for the world. I have written several chapters and have an annotated outline for the entire book. Feeling good about it.

A book on the glory of God – when you read/say/think about the phrase “the glory of God,” do you know what it means? I’ve tossed those words around like I understood them clearly – until someone asked me to define my term. Suddenly I realized I had no succinct or clear definition in mind. However, I’m excited about what I’ve learned from Scripture about this doctrine. A few chapters are done and the annotated outline is ready for review.

A book on missional children – working with my brother-in-law Michael Barksdale on a book that will help both parents and churches to raise children who think about the mission first. Teaching kids to enjoy church activities is good. Teaching them to love worship and Bible study is even better. But what if we designed our parenting skills and children’s ministries to engage children into God’s mission? Michael and I want to help parents lead the next generation to missional living rather than look for ways in 15 years to win them back into the church.

A book on John 17 – what many have referred to as the “High Priestly Prayer of Jesus” is often referred to in parts but rarely addressed as a whole. From His prayer, we can learn all sorts of lessons: how to pray, why to pray, intensity of relationship with the Father, a mission-focus to life, and why God’s glory matters to us. Reading Jesus’ interaction with the Father is a fascinating thought and I’m grateful He allows us to see it.

And there are various articles in the works regarding all sorts about marriage, parenting, independent musicians, literature, and spiritual subjects.

So there you have it… the stuff that is in the works.

What do you think?